What is VocalQ℠ or VQ℠? VQ is your vocal quotient, giving you the ability to now measure your communication intelligence within your business. Today you can measure an IQ (Intelligent Quotient), and even an EQ (Emotional Quotient) - so now understand your VQ by taking advantage of our enhanced Hosted Recording & Analytics to gain better visibility and awareness into your business.

Go beyond standard statistical information and actual call recordings by leveraging enhancements now available within our Hosted Recording & Analytics platform:



Speech Analytics

Did someone just call and say "Escalate!?"

Search and Alerts based on what they said


Alerts & Notifications

Did an important client call in today?

Alert when certain conditions are met


Comments & Annotations

Can you organize your conversations today?

Go green! Take notes within the call, not on paper!


Custom Recording

"This is sounding like a potential problem..."

Record as few, or as many calls as you would like


On-demand Recording 

"I wish I had a pen..."

          Take a call on your office phone, mobile phone, or even a home phone and record a conversation with a just a push of a button

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